What happens after self-love? The writer tells her experience of being dumped for being too fat after working on her body image for years.

A blurry silhouette of a girl in baggy clothes , giving the impression that she is larger in size.
A blurry silhouette of a girl in baggy clothes , giving the impression that she is larger in size.
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“I want to take the time to evaluate our relationship. I don’t think it’s working out.”

He started the conversation on a rainy Friday night.

I knew it was coming. I had hoped it came. I had felt alone in the relationship for a while and was hungry for an emotional connection that I couldn’t feel from him. I actually had the same intention that night to clear the issue after weeks of uneasiness and doubt over my need for this relationship.

My initial reaction was relieved. It’s easier now, wouldn’t it? Two adults having a mature and objective conversation…

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Today I got a chance to hold my baby cousin.

He was 3 months old.

Holding him felt like holding a glass doll. So small, so fragile.

His fingers were still curled and the joints in his limbs were invisible under the folded fat. His head has just been shaved clean because my family believed it will make his hair grow better. He has no teeth, but yet he proudly showed his pink gum when I tickled his belly. He cooed and babbled and made ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ sounds that are strangely calming.

I kept touching his feet because they…

I was gorging on a tiramisu donut while ignoring a string of text from a Tinder match.

On any other days, I would have looked at the donut and think triple before reaching out to that glistening fat disc of sugar and gluten, even if it’s free like this one from my coworker. It’s also unlike me to ignore text from Tinder matches because I am generally thirsty for affection most of the times.

But that day, I allowed myself to defy from ‘the usual’ because it’s six days before my menstruation starts according to the period tracker app on my phone. …

The interview is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in the job-seeking process. It’s the decisive factor whether or not you’re going to receive monthly payroll to pay the bills. With more and more working-age youngsters graduating from college, it’s getting harder to find a suitable job that satisfies both their pocket and ego. It’s only normal that people prepare so much for this stage.

We all know the drill of a job interview. Arrive on time, prepare an answer for your own SWOT analysis, and give a firm handshake. The waiting room is full of job seekers in fifty…

Being a domestic violence victim is hard, especially if your husband is the beloved Jack Sparrow.

All gossip blogs and tabloids broke loose two weeks ago. The 15-month marriage of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has ended bitterly, with Heard filing for divorce and reporting her husband for domestic violence. Depp married Heard, who is almost half her age, in a private LA ceremony in 2015, four years after their first meeting at the set of The Rum Diary.

The hot dad and beautiful young blonde. They make the perfect walking cliché.

Even though they have been relatively low profile…

Congratulations! You have made it to the finish line and successfully earned your degree. Now, welcome to the real world!

While you are giddily cheering in your toga, you probably also have to think about your future career. Fresh graduates are notoriously known for their naïve optimism in building their career. You think various “how-to-be-somewhat-employable” lectures you had on Monday mornings have prepped you enough with the secrets of working professionally.

I hate to be the one who break the news to you, but it’s not enough.

A fresh graduate myself, I blush every time I remember my simple brashness…

Septhiria Chandra

Digital marketer, published writer, fiction reader, and corgi owner.

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