• Cha Manurung

    Cha Manurung

    A true Pisces Dragon who lives w/ her feelings. The yang. Lotsa affection & openness. Always show the true reactions. Sentimental & mellow dramatic. Bear w/ me!

  • Marnida Simbolon

    Marnida Simbolon

  • Syarafinaar


  • Erlita Putranti

    Erlita Putranti

    A storyteller and emotionally invested pop culture enthusiast.

  • Lee Warren

    Lee Warren

    Reclaiming Wisdom through conscious relating with self, land, and others.

  • Larasati Aziz

    Larasati Aziz

    illustration/design. i love watching films and talk about them later.

  • Shula


  • Rocco Pendola

    Rocco Pendola

    I write about doing life and personal finance, focusing on the psychology of our relationships with other people and money. I’m anti-guru, pro-empowerment.

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